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Dental Attention You Can Rely On

Comfortable to wear

Straight teeth in few months

0% interest free Finance

Easy monthly payment from £135.00 over 12 months


Step 1: FREE CONSULTATION: we examine and look at your need to offer the best available options.

Step 2: 3D analysis would be ready in a week. this will show the final result of the treatment.

Step 3: You can start wearing your aligners within after few days.

Our Price from £1,590

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Our system is based on CAD software developed and personalized that utilizes STL standard format.

This programme allow us to obtain high quality virtual digital models from four simultaneous visits, starting from acquiring a scanned dental impression, examining it, carving it and replacing all the elements at the last stage.

Based on your FREE 3D Scan, our dentists can determine the complexity of your dental correction 

The complexity determines your price package.

This price includes:

  • FREE 3D Scan (worth £250)

  • Clear aligners

  • Whitening Gel Included


Our centres are based in Camden, London, 10 min walk from Kings Cross.

we offer: Dental Check-upImplant, clear alignersfix braces, root canal treatmentCrowns and Veneers, Hygienist, Whitening Invisalign

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