Treatments are performed to the highest standards using the latest techniques and materials.

Our Dentists have extensive experience in this treatment and will ensure every possible step is taken to make you feel relaxed and at ease. A local anaesthetic is also used to assist in your comfort

By choosing Root canal treatment, you are choosing to keep your natural teeth. If left untreated, you could experience greater discomfort and it could lead to a serious infection.

dr. K. Fernandes

Practice limited to Endodontics

Education & Qualification:

BDS and MDS from Goa Dental College
One of the inventors of a medicament for failed root canal treatment
Consultant in Endodontics for 15 practices inPeterborough, London, Oxford and Birmingham
Several publications in international journals
Love treating challenging cases especially teeth with hopeless prognosis

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Signs you may require root canal treatment



Tooth sensitivity to sweets or hot and cold liquids.

Constant or intermittent throbbing tooth ache and pain.

Pain with biting pressure.

Tissue swelling of the face

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or suspect you may require root canal treatment, let us take care of it


Your first appointment would be a free consultation with our Principal dentist to assist you with initial care and explained the full treatment process. We also would discuss the payment method and options

Then, we arrange appointment to see Dr. Fernandes

Root canal treatment may requires more than one visits, but sometimes it can be completed in a single visit. Some teeth have more roots than others, some teeth have curved root canals that are difficult to find – treating such tooth will require multiple visits. Moreover, teeth with active infections require more than one visits.

After the Treatment

In most cases, after root canal treatment, a crown is essential as soon as possible. Such tooth become brittle and purpose of the crown is to restore the tooth’s strength and protect it from cracking. If the temporary filling is left too long, there are chances that bacteria from your mouth will re-infect the tooth.

The tooth may be sore for two to three days after the treatment. The worse the infection and inflammation you had, the more sensitive the tooth will be after treatment. Avoid chewing on the affected side.

What People Say About Us

‘’Dr kristlee fernandes is a real professional and a very kind person. i used to be scared to death when i thought of the dentist, not anymore, thanks to him. i received root canal treatment for my two teeth over three sessions. They all went very well. Definitely suggest this dental practise’’


‘’All the staff were lovely, had lots of available appointments at short notice and finally foud a dentist i can trust. He outlined different options available to me and gave me advice beyond what would make him the most money.’’

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