we re-opened our doors

We hope you and your family are healthy and well. Our community has seen a lot of changes recently, but we all are looking forward to resuming a sense of normality. 

centre of Implant, clear aligners, fix braces, root canal treatment as well as crowns and veneers. Invisalign

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mbdental has always made infection control a top priority.

Our team tailors each patient’s experience so that your dental care is both safe and comfortable. Due to these safety restrictions we might have fewer appointments available.  

 If you need assistance, please contact our surgery or fill out the forms on our  COVID-19 area 

We are seeing patients in 2 separate rooms, 

while working in one room, the air in the second room would be changed thanks to two different air filtration system to create a safe environment for the next patient 


Aerosol Suction Machine

This aspiration unit which faces the patient removes 99% of aspirant not collected by the standard high-volume aspiration.

If any virus is captured as it emerges it cannot contaminate the room. The high volume aspiration machine eliminates bacterial droplets, aerosol particles, blood, viruses and odour from the air.

  • Multi joint aluminium alloy suction arm which can be adjusted in any direction

  • Transparent diamond shaped suction mask, designed for the oral cavity and does not obstruct visual field

  • Dual UV sterilisation

  • Filter Layers    

    • Primary  water vapour filter

    • Second water vapour filter–Oil absorption

    • Composite Filter

    • HEPA High Efficiency composite filter Carbon

Air Extractor

We have already installed " In-Line Mixed Flow Extractor" in each room with the capacity of over 855 m3/hr. this means the air in the room will be exchanged over 23 times per hour to reduce.

Our centres are based in Camden, London NW1 1TU, 10 min walk from Kings Cross and Euston.

we offer: Dental Check-upImplant, clear alignersfix braces, root canal treatmentCrowns and Veneers, Hygienist, Whitening 

Authorised by CIGNA.